Coke Freestyle

With the world of Coca-Cola at your fingertips, Coca-Cola Freestyle gives you the freedom to explore, pour, and enjoy your perfect drinks.

Drink Choices


Diet Coke

Coke Zero

Caffeine Free Diet Coke


Sprite Zero

Pibb Xtra

Pibb Zero

Barq’s Root Beer

Diet Barq’s


Fanta Zero

Dr. Pepper

Diet Dr. Pepper

Mello Yello

Mello Yello Zero

Vitamin Water

Fuze Iced Tea

Fuze Zero

Minute Maid Lemonades

Minute Maid Zero

Seagram’s Ginger Ale

Minute Maid Sparkling

Minute Maid Sparkling Zero

Minute Maid

Barq’s Diet Cream Soda

Barq’s Cream Soda

Seagram’s Diet Ginger Ale


Power Ade

Power Ade Zero

AHA Sparkling Water


New Store in Ely, Nevada Opening Soon!

Yes, it's true. We're thrilled to announce we are building a brand-new Golden Gate Petroleum in Ely, Nevada located off of 147 North US Hwy 93! Whether you're commuting to work, planning a road trip, or just need a quick pit stop, we've got you covered. This location comes with all the amenities…


Load up with the NEW 2024 Topps Baseball Series 1

Topps Baseball Series 1, featuring the best of the best in the MLB, past or present, is available at Golden Gate! Step up to the plate and experience the excitement of America's favorite pastime like never before with the highly anticipated 2024 Topps Baseball Series 1! Whether you're a die-hard…


Now Open in Battle Mountain, Nevada

We are excited to announce that Golden Gate in Battle Mountain Nevada is complete and fully open. Located at 1001 Goldfield Avenue the site is be equipped with 14 fueling stations to get you and your vehicle back on the road, and truckers we will also have you covered. The site has a separate diesel…